2nd float was analogous to dreaming while I was awake. I ventured into memories and thoughts that were clear and vivid. By a 3rd of the way through I snapped out of it, then restless. Until next time. James, 2-25-14
Wow. Beautiful experience. Body says "AHHH". Mind doesn't say much. Would love the mind to say less next time! M.N, 2-25-14
We are all waves in the ocean. Thanks for a great experience. John, 2-23-14
This was an awesome experience! I feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Will be back. Vanessa, 2-20-14
My first time I didn't know what to expect. It was an overall relaxing and enlightening experience. It has been a  long time since I have had the opportunity to be alone, completely alone, with my thoughts. It's a beautiful thing! J.B. 2-20-14
At first my body stung and the dark played with my mind in a bad way. By 20 mins into it I was floating through the cosmos. Cool sh**! Ron Wood III, 12-8-13