What is "Floating"?

Have you ever wanted to experience relaxation, but couldn’t turn off the environment around you? Then a wellness day at Surrender to the Float would be perfect for you.

Experience the deepest level of peace you have ever felt.

1 hour in a float room is like 4 hours of sleep.

Why Float?

There are many reasons to float, the simplest being that it’s just an amazing experience! In fact, most of our clients do it just to see what it feels like. You really cannot feel so close to weightlessness without going in to outer space. Such a peaceful, dark, warm, and quiet environment is also not easy to reproduce at home, especially if you are a parent! The experience is truly unique, and worth trying at least once.

However, if the sheer tactile experience of floating is what draws you in (or even pushes you away), its benefits may help you see it in a more substantive light:


Float + Massage

Float + Reiki



One Float Every Month
$ 60 Monthly
  • Save at least $19 monthly


Two Floats Every Month
$ 100 Monthly
  • Save at least $58 monthly
  • Great for couples!


Four Floats Every Month
$ 160 Monthly
  • Save at least $156 monthly
  • Great for sharing!

All Memberships Include the Following Perks: